To Whom It May Concern:

On (Date), I received a copy of my credit report from (Credit Bureau Name). That report lists my payments to you as being ‘delinquent.’

My financial problems are now behind me and I am in a position to pay off this debt. I can pay a lump sum amount of $__ or I can pay installments in the amount of $__ per month for ___ months if you will agree to one of the following:

( ) If I make a lump sum payment, you will agree to remove all negative information from my credit file associated with the debt.

( ) If I agree to pay off the debt in monthly installments, you agree to ‘re-age’ my account – making the current month the first repayment month and showing no late payments as long as I make the agreed upon monthly payments.

If this offer is acceptable to you, please check and initial one of the above choices, sign your acceptance below and return this letter to me in the enclosed envelope.

Thank you for your time and assistance.

Sincerely yours,


{client_first_name} {client_last_name}

Agreed to and accepted to on this __ day of _____, ___.

By: ____________
(Creditor Representative Signature)

Name (print): _________