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Copy and Paste Letters

Basic Dispute Letter -Furnisher

I received a copy of my credit report and found you are reporting incorrect information to the credit bureaus.

Credit Bureau Re-investigation Letter

Send this letter when you’ve already disputed an item with a credit bureau once or twice and did not receive the response you wanted.

Dispute Credit Report Items Round 1

Please remove any information that the creditor cannot verify

Estoppel By Silence Letter

Not only have you ignored my prior requests for validation of debt (proof attached: receipt copies or letter copies) but you continue to report this debt to the credit bureaus causing damage to my character.

Furnisher Warning Letter

I recently sent you a request to reinvestigate incorrect items which you reported to the credit agencies. You ignored my request.

No Response from Bureau Letter

Use this letter to remind the credit bureau to respond when round one is ignored. Include previous correspondence when sending this letter.

No Response Letter- Furnisher

I disputed the following information over 30 days ago and you have not yet responded:

What’s our Deal Anyway?

We’re committed to doing credit repair in a new way. Did you know most credit repair companies are not allowed to charge you UNTIL they work on your behalf?

We follow the rules over here when it comes to our business and YOURS!


Wealthfluential was born out of a need to have a reliable place for my clients to go to get clear direction on how to repair their credit.  As a realtor, I referred dozens of clients to credit repair only to have most of them never reach their credit score goals and some of them worse off than when they started.  I eventually got fed up with being “affiliate marketed” to without any real desire by the service provider to HELP my clients. Our team is committed to helping your client achieve their long term goal- whatever it may be.

What we offer:

  • Free audit of your credit report with a certified specialist who can give you tips on raising your score
  • Free information on credit bureau letters, resources, and current credit industry news
  • FULL CREDIT REPAIR SUPPORT – we draft, print, and send letters on your behalf. We contact bureaus and creditors all in an effort to remove inaccuracies and help you increase your score.

As you know it is illegal for us to provide you with any monetary compensation- however, by submitting the form above we will generate an affiliate code for your clients to use and receive $25 off.

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We offer full-service support for factual disputes and creditor solutions.